[thelist] NS6, Mozilla Roots, and User Friendliness...

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed Nov 15 05:34:58 CST 2000

How many people use the nightly builds of Mozilla? Hmf. Okkk...

Anyways, let me setup the scene. You've got AOL, who's whole userbase is
filled with mor... with people who appreciate the user friendliness of the
software and access to the Internet. And you've got Netscape, which
obviously has a close relation to Mozilla, which is largely used only by

Question: why, in Lord's name, did AOL add all these nice marketing buttons
and gimmicks ("Print Plus", anyone?), but leave in links to Tinderbox,
Bonsai and Bugzilla? And not just any old toolbar links - they actually
have a whole sidebar dedicated to Tinderbox.

Which makes absolutely no sense to me. Heck, *I* barely understand what is
shown in the Tinderbox sidebar (what seems to be latest builds for
different architectures), so what the hell are all the "normal" (non-evolt
subscribers) people who download Netscape, or whom are forced to via AOL,
going to think?

Morbus Iff

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