[thelist] Select boxes in viewing heirarchy

Aylard JA (James) jaylard at equilon.com
Wed Nov 15 10:50:24 CST 2000


> Like you, I've also heard others mention this
> situation, and the only work-around I've come across so for is to use the
> form element's visibility property, hiding it when the other divs are on &
> showing it again after.

	Briefly, in IE4+, the select element is considered a windowed
control that does not participate in z-index ordering -- a result of
browser-control design. (I agree: hopefully Microsoft will change this in
IE6.) In IE, as you mentioned, the most straightforward solution is to hide
the control whenever your menu is activated. I've posted an example, crude
as it is, at:


	In Netscape 4, no form control, IIRC, participates in z-index
ordering. The best approach is to place your entire form into its own div,
and show and hide that div as required. Remember that Netscape 4 treats each
absolutely positioned div as its own "layer" -- essentially as a separate
document -- so you must place only a complete form within a layer, and not
individual form elements.

James Aylard

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