[thelist] dHtml <td> contents

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.com
Wed Nov 15 13:38:32 CST 2000

Probably the technique you want to look at is assigning the desitination
cell (the cell into which you wish to load the content) an id, then set the
innerHTML of that cell through the DOM.

For example:

    <td id=foo>bar</td>

Then, somewhere in javascript, execute:

  document.all.foo.innerHTML = 'bar2';

That's all there is to it.

You also might look at the variation called outerHTML, which grants you
access to the attributes of the <td>.


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> Ok, as I begin reading entire chapters on dHtml, I thought maybe I should
> ask somebody if they can point me in the right direction:
> I have two <td> cells:  in one cell is a <select> and based on what the
> selects, i want to fill the other <td> with stuff.
> It's an Intranet, so I only need to make it IE 5+ compatible.  Should I be
> looking at ILAYERS or Layers or something else?  I can't really use
> positioning though, can I, since I don't know where the position of the
> will be on the page, right?
> any pointers are appreciated,
> Tab
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