[thelist] terrible site from Jaguar

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.com
Wed Nov 15 17:26:04 CST 2000

It's understandable that flash only sites do not tickle your fancy.  I'd
like to point out, however, that you can "cancel" the registration process
and still get information about the car.  While their approach is not
straightforward, it is obvious that the cars do not sell themselves.
Forcing a contact with the user is a reasonable option based on the need for
intense "selling" of the cars.

This site does raise an interesting question.  What percentage of users are
willing to register their name with a site just for the purpose of acquiring
information about a product.  Personally, I do not register for such things,
nor do I allow cookies to be set for such things.  Every site I work on I
purposely try to avoid all cookies and javascript where possible simply
based on the negative feelings towards the technologies.

Anyways, since I did not make a real point:

<tip type="Photoshop 5.5">

When adding text to an image, use the "type tool" instead of the "type mask"
tool to make your text editable after a save.  You can double-click on the
layer to bring up the text-dialog box.  Any layer-effect applied will be
applied when you change the text.

Using this feature, it is easy to make button, banner, and title templates
for clients who have Photoshop 5.5 installed.  They just open, click, type,
and save.



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> http://www.x-type.com/
> <rant>
> Check this out - everything is Flash.  The forms, the whole interface,
> everything.
> I've never seen a site that was as hostile toward users.  You can't find
> anything about the car without going through a registration process that
> resulted in 16 emails being sent to me after which you have to log in (why
> not just forward you to the "you've already logged in" page after
> the registration info?).  Logging in is still in progress, but, since they
> used Flash for everything, I can't look at the progress bar to see how far
> along it's gotten.
> They totally broke the browser.
> </rant>
> The car is beautiful though.  How about this instead of the TT, Martin?
> bob
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