[thelist] Re: nav6 resource consumption

andrew andrew at thepander.co.nz
Wed Nov 15 23:17:38 CST 2000

Memory usage:

Netscape4:	7076k
Netscape3:	6588k
IE:		4008k

Above is Isaac's PC resource usage update. Here's what I've found on a 
Mac G4, running OS 9.04:

System Heap (without Microsoft Libraries): 35MB
System Heap (with Microsoft Libraries): 35.8MB

IE v5: 4.7MB
(includes QuickTime Plugin v4.1.1 + Default + Flash 5 r30).
System Heap (while running IE 5): 36.5MB

IE v4.5: 4MB
(same plugins as above)
System Heap (while running IE 4.5): 35.9MB

NS 4.75: 10MB
System Heap (while running NS 4.75): 35.3 MB

NS 6.0: 55MB
System Heap (while running NS 6): 35.5

Admittedly NS 6 is the full install with all the extras that I'm 
unlikely to ever use, and IE doesn't include an email / news / composer 
engine at all. But even so, 55 MB for a browser app is pretty weird. It 
seems that there's a small (1MB) use of the system memory on macs by IE 
5, but even so, it's still IE 5=6.2MB vs NS 6=55 big ones.

Anyone with a Mac and the thinest install of NS6?


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