[thelist] terrible site from Jaguar

Liz Lawson lizlawson at charitycards.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 03:38:04 CST 2000

>> anyone buying a jag  - has the latest and greatest of everything...
>> that is assumed and expected of their audience
>but what also is assumed is that this audience (affluence and financial
>worth) has the brains to have the latest software and keep up with
>installing new versions as they come out. I suggest the two are not so
>tightly intertwined. Show me an exec shopping for a Jag and I'll show you a
>technophobe with a big expense account.

More than the Flash / techno thing, registration is very wrong for their
market....the affluent do NOT like registering their contact details,
especially in a way which identifies them as Jag-buying income bracket. I
don't know if anyone's done a study of ex-directory phone number by income,
but I reckon I could sketch the graph they'd get. Anyone in the Jag market
gets enough unsolicted crap as it is just because of their postcodes. (Where
I live we just get lots of offers for unsecured loans and cheque-cashing
services and 6 for 4 offers at the offy... )

Having to register won't stop anyone buying a jag, mind...just stop them
using the site. My feeling is the site is at least partly intended to
impress the media / editorial writers who love Flash and feel-good and
buzziness and aren't really worried about the transmission 'cos they're not
going to buy the car, just write about it.

my 2 and 6


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