[thelist] Re: I Really need some help please

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 16 07:14:02 CST 2000

that's too bad about wanting to avoid using MS products... my own 
experience has shown that lots of people in the corporate world 
have Excel sitting around...

so, you may not like this solution, but you did say *any* help:

Using Excel Spreadsheets as Web Data Sources

note the comment below the article as well...

> From: "Kevin" <kevin at chello.co.nz>
> My boss wants me to find out how we can make a web page on our internal
> intranet that we can put like a table with engineers names in and the days
> of the week that they are on call and he could have a document somplace on
> his computer that he could change the info on and somehow it automaticly
> changes on the web page without manually haveing to recode the page .   Now
> my first question is : Is such a thing possible or no? second how can I do
> this for my boss , when I dont know anything at all about how to write web
> pages. this should not make a diffrence , but we probably want to avoid
> using Microsoft products .. anyway thanks for any help you people can give
> me

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