[thelist] Quick poll: Which mock-up would you choose?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 16 07:19:38 CST 2000

> From:n.haldimann at derbund.ch (Niklaus Haldimann)
> I've just started designing a new site and have presented three mock-ups to
> the client for him to decide which way I should go. Well, he liked all of
> them and left the decision up to me because he "can't tell" since he's "not
> a professional". Uhmmm. Now I'm really stuck cause I don't know either on
> which one to continue. So I thought I'd just ask my friends over at Evolt. ;-)

hey, i just flew KLM a couple weeks ago...

first, make sure you get sign-off from the client that he has deferred 
selection to you... you don't want to get stuck redoing something 
because he liked another design better...

second, i like #1 because it's got that happy cloud thing... there 
isn't too much contrast between the nav and the blue, though...

#2 is too lite...too open... doesn't work for me...

#3 is more traditional business, more professional, which is why i 
don't like it as much as #1... needs clouds... and a photo-realistic 
aircraft... and the nav text is too soft... i do like the way you 
integrated the stripes of the plane and the banner, though...

> Which mock-up would you choose?
> http://ubique.ch/klmalps/entwurf1.html
> http://ubique.ch/klmalps/entwurf2.html
> http://ubique.ch/klmalps/entwurf3.html

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