[thelist] Paragraphs within lists

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 16 09:20:30 CST 2000

have i told you how much i hate your mail client?

anyway, i'm not saying you can't have <p>s in lists, and i can't find 
anything that says that... for all i know it's perfectly legal, it just 
doesn't make sense to me...

but i'm not talking about presentational markup, i *am* talking 
about structural...

a <p> is a block level container, just as a <blockquote>... i don't 
know about you, but i don't nest <p>s within <blockquote>s, it 
doesn't make sense to me to say to the browser "this is a quote, 
but it's got normal paragraphs in it"... <p> is quite generic, and to 
nest a generic block-level in a more appropriate block level seems 
counter-intuitive to me...

the same for lists... by the very nature of lists, you can nest 
them... otherwise they'd be pretty useless... so i tend to treat them 
as exceptions.. i would put a <ul> in a <blockquote>, for instance, 
but not within a <p> since a <p> is generic, but a <blockquote> 
implies that list is part of a quote of some sort...

you may recall that i will always avoid using a <div> or a <span> if 
there is a better structural tag... you may recall my replacing a 
<span> in evolt 2.0 with a <cite> because it made sense 
structurally, and it was still as easy to apply CSS... the same is 
true for <p>, it's just too generic... and there's no good reason i can 
see to nest them within <ul>, <dl>, or <ol>...

am i making any sense here?

> From: <martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com>
> That's annoying, as the paragraphs within each definition are real, structural
> paragraphs,
> not just presentational ones. I'm trying to get the clients to move in the
> structural HTML direction.
> If you can have sub-lists within list items, why not other block level tags?

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