[thelist] Paragraphs within lists

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 16 10:05:50 CST 2000

> From: Scott_Brady at themoneystore.com
> From a structural point of view, I'd say you can have paragraphs within some
> lists and within blockquotes.

yes, i agree with you there... i can't find anything that would 
suggest otherwise, either...

> Since I believe Martin is planning on using a definition list, then if you have
> a "definition" which is several paragraphs long, then you should treat them as
> such and use paragraph tags.  The same goes with blockquotes.  I've seen
> blockquotes in print that are several paragraphs long, so why can't that be true
> online?

ahhh... see, i wasn't thinking about multi-paragraph definitions... 
the occassional <br> is no biggie, but i try to avoid huge blocks of 
text in my lists... but yes, i have had many paragraphs within a 
<blockquote>, but i think i used <br>s... probably not the best, but 
again, i have trouble nesting <p>s conceptually and justifying it...
> P.S.  I'm not crazy about Martin's mail client output either, but I dislike mine
> even more (Lotus Notes 4).

you guys oughtta do what i did... i got so sick of Outlook, i 
installed Pegasus so now i check evolt mail from a different mail 
client altogether...

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