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	That wheel has already been invented. It is called Outlook Exchange.
Of course you have to be on Windoze or Mac to use it, but it has some very
nifty time management/calendar options. (MS does do some things well.)


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Hi Kevin,

this sounds like there's a problem with expectations VS practicality. I'm
gonna add comments to parts of your original mail below. The sort of
application you are talking about is certainly possible, but some parts of
the description make me wonder if there isn't an even simpler solution.

The first issue is why the avoidance of Microsoft products? Do you guys use
an alternative O/S in your company? If you are based on Winows (or I guess
Mac) then using Excel would make it possible to do all of this with ease.
You could simply use Excel's export to HTML facility so that you boss can
easily save the table to an HTML page on the Intranet every time he updates
it. This could even be programmed to a macro so that the process is
simplified as much as possible.

If you don't want to use Excel, then your options are somewhat different. If
you are on Linux, there are several good spreadsheet programs available
(Star Office has one), but I'm not sure whether they support any form of
HTML export. An alternative might be to skip the step of displaying it on a
webpage and have your boss either update a file on the Intranet machine
itself which can then be downloaded by the engineers, or have him edit a
file locally and then load it up to the Intranet (either with FTP, across
the network, or through an upload script).

The final alternative (well, the final I'll suggest, there are certainly
others), is to have a script on the server that has the entire functionality
there. You can probably find some sort of timetable/booking calendar type
script for free on the web (other evolters may know of something). This
could probably be converted to meet your organisations needs. However this
will require some programming and HTML skills, which leads me to ask why
your boss has placed this responsibility on you if you don't have the
required skills? Does your company not have the money to hire a freelancer
to build the solution you require? Is there no internal
team/department/employee rsponsible for the existing Intranet? 

The solution is out there, but you should probably examine the simpler
solutions that don't require building dynamic web applications first.

Good luck


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> From: Kevin [mailto:kevin at chello.co.nz]
> > My boss wants me to find out how we can make a web page on 
> our internal
> > intranet that we can put like a table with engineers names 
> in and the days
> > of the week that they are on call and he could have a 
> document somplace on
> > his computer that he could change the info on and somehow 
> it automaticly
> > changes on the web page without manually haveing to recode 
> the page .
> Now
> > my first question is : Is such a thing possible or no? 
> second how can I do
> > this for my boss , when I dont know anything at all about 
> how to write web
> > pages. this should not make a diffrence , but we probably 
> want to avoid
> > using Microsoft products .. anyway thanks for any help you 
> people can give
> > me
> >
> > Kevin
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