[thelist] Simple CSS question.

Adam Slesinger bread_man at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 16 14:10:11 CST 2000

Thanks very much, James.  I did mean line spacing as in "double space, 
single space." but using exact measurement like you described.  I will play 
with this.  Thanks again!


> > I have a simple question, forgive the ignorance.  Is it possible to
> > line spacing for text using style sheets?  Thanks!
>	You can set the line height using the "line-height" property, e.g.:
>line-height: 1.5em ;
>	If, by "line spacing" you mean the ability to adjust kerning and
>tracking, there are CSS1 properties "word-spacing" and "letter-spacing".
>"letter-spacing" is supported by IE4+ and Navigator 6; "word-spacing" is
>supported by IE5 Mac and Netscape 6.
>James Aylard
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