[thelist] MS Access query

David Shadovitz david_shadovitz at xontech.com
Thu Nov 16 14:23:13 CST 2000

I'm trying to write an MS Access query like this:

SELECT Table1.Title
FROM Table1, Table2
WHERE Table1.Title = Table2.Title

The problem is that the Title fields' values may not be exactly equal.
Table2.Title may have additional text in parentheses at the end.  For

Table1.Title = "The cow jumped over the moon"
Table2.Title = "The cow jumped over the moon (really)"

I thought of using the LIKE operator, but it appears that LIKE only
works when comparing a field and a string, not two fields.  If I'm
wrong, please tell me the syntax.

Any other suggestions on how to do this query?


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