[thelist] Paragraphs within lists

Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Thu Nov 16 17:56:33 CST 2000

At 10:21 16/11/2000 -0500, you wrote:

>a <p> is a block level container, just as a <blockquote>... i don't
>know about you, but i don't nest <p>s within <blockquote>s, it
>doesn't make sense to me to say to the browser "this is a quote,
>but it's got normal paragraphs in it"...

i disagree, i think that makes complete sense.  you aren't saying "it's got 
normal paragraphs in it", you are saying "here's a quote, made up of 

one way html finely describes structure is by appropriate nesting.  that's 
the way css is set up - so you can say "this is what a <p> looks like" and 
"this is what a <p> looks like if it's in (say) a <td>"

what would you do, if the quote had two paragraphs?  use two 
blockquotes?  to me, that says "here's two distinct quotes.." which is 
clearly wrong.  using <br> in this context is presentational, so i think 
using <p>s makes more sense.

>the same is  true for <p>, it's just too generic... and there's no good 
>reason i can see to nest them within <ul>, <dl>, or <ol>...

i use multiple <p>'s within a single <li> all the time and i think it 
describes the structure of the document perfectly.


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