[thelist] [Design] Link Color Dilemna

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Thu Nov 16 20:48:12 CST 2000


I've finally got off my a$$ to "redesign"/cleanup my site. I've run into a
kind of a problem that I'm hoping one of the "design people" can help. There's
a reason I work with the backend stuff ;-)

I've got a cool color/colour scheme going (I think so anyway), but keeping the
links blue (like they're supposed to be) is really fudging up the looks. The
problem is really apparent on pages with (currently) little content. For


The top nav is what's really bugging me, but on other pages, like my outdated


where links are abundant and even headers (though I can take the link off the
header and add a "more detail" link or something), it looks mucho crappo.

Note that I haven't moved into the content redesign phase, so feel free to
refrain from "this is really outdated" and "you should really look at the
resume do's and dont's article on evolt.org", etc. Those are already on my
todo list. And I'll probably get around to it in the next decade or so ;-)

Anyway, that blue is really doggin' my style. I had it the same color as the
text before, but that kind of bugged me because that's kind of a usability
no-no (even though links were the only text underlined).

Thoughts *VERY* welcome. Criticise at will. If you don't like the layout, tell
me that too. I might as well fix everything that sucks while I'm at it.

Rock on,


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