[thelist] [Design] Link Color Dilemna

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Thu Nov 16 22:36:24 CST 2000

> I'd be tempted to knock the larger border on the right side down to 100,
> maybe even 75 .. unless you plan to use it for a more elaborate purpose.  As
> just a design, break up the page idea, narrower would be better.  Plus you
> can get the extra pixels needed to make it fit correctly in 640, without
> sacrificing any of the content.  Thought about a fluid design?

You bet! But I didn't (and still don't) fell I have enough content to have the
page look at all good at higher resolutions. Knowuddyemean?

> I like the orange and lighter orange colours.
> Have a look at this page, http://www.lynda.com/hexh.html - colours by hue or
> this one
> colours by value http://www.lynda.com/hexh.html.  Useful in picking colours
> our randomly.
> Try 0099FF, or 9999FF, 6666CC
> Just a few thoughts...

Nice, nice. Thanks!


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