[thelist] Simple CSS question.

s t e f stef at nota-bene.org
Fri Nov 17 03:14:18 CST 2000

[sender: aardvark || date: 18:47 16/11/2000 -0500]
> > I have a simple question, forgive the ignorance.  Is it possible to 
> control
> > line spacing for text using style sheets?  Thanks!
>somebody already gave you the line-height property, but i'd like to
>add one thing to that...
>if you specify line-height with absolute units, it can cause NN4.x for
>wintel to spit *many* pages should you print... instead, regardless
>of the unites you use for the font size, try using % units for the line-
>height attribute...

Another naughty NN4 cause of frustration comes with line-height : suppose 
you create a single paragraph for an image, without align="left" or 
align="right". Then line-height will cause this line, "logically", to be 
STRICTLY the value specified. Thus your image will overlap the following text.

My advice: use specific stylesheets for specific browsers. More wisely, use 
the "@import" rule, not understood by NN4, thus removing the problem 
without much ado.
s t e f

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