[thelist] VBScript vs. JavaScript

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Fri Nov 17 08:59:11 CST 2000

I assume you mean serverside? JavaScript would certainly be the best bet on
the client as it is supported in both Netscape and IE.

On the server, I'm not sure how much difference it makes. Certainly the
majority of ASP programmers use VB, which makes it simpler to find and
integrate free code from the web. However, as JavaScript and VBScript can be
mixed and matched in an ASP, it seems to be more of a matter of taste than
anything else.

With the introduction of ASP+ Microsoft are focussing on C# as being the
"standard" language for programming ASP, though the majority of new
tutorials I have seen seem to still be using VBScript.

Internally, it is almost certainly helpful to standardise on one language.
That way you make it easier to shift programmers around on projects and
there is reduced confusion.

Personally I use VBScript for almost all my ASP programming, though I have
used JavaScript occasionally for Regular Expression handling and the like. I
use JavaScript for client-side programming and I use PHP and occasionally
perl for my own non-work related projects :-)


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> I was recently in a discussion with management, where the 
> focus was "we
> should move away from JavaScript and solely use VBScript".  
> I'd like to find
> a comparison/contrast of these to better understand what kind of
> implications this may have.
> Any suggestions of places to go or do any of you have 
> personal experience
> with this question?
> Thanks in advance,
> Bryan
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