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andrew andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri Nov 17 14:43:07 CST 2000


One last thing about the site you have: perhaps more space between 
either the 'Matt Warden...' and the 'home | resume..." lines, or more 
space between the 'home | resume...' and the body of the page would 
visually balance it. So, the head is a head, and the body is a body? 
Then align the footer material to the left of the table area and drop it 
down a bit. I guess this will not be appreciated by people using 640 x 
480, but vertical scrolling isn't that much of a downer, and I doubt 
your audience (programmers / execs / agency-types) are in the 640 x 480 

> Ah, a convert! Ring the bell!
> For php:
> http://www.phpbuilder.com
> http://www.php.net
> http://www.source-code-planet.com
> http://www.planet-source-code.com
> For db, you might have to be more specific. What aspects of a db? SQL? Which
> db?

Well, I've got my head around basic php scripting / hacking, and I'm 
getting there with MySQL -- but -- what I'm looking for is some more 
abstract readers on 'how to design software well'. I've found many 
fantastic places where you can get information on what function does 
what, and can troubleshoot problems (not least of all 'the list'). But 
I'm having trouble working out how to make these scripts behave like 
programs, not hacks.

For example: http://www.thepander.co.nz -- it works (just), but it's one 
insanely long if -- elseif -- elseif -- elseif -- [...] -- else 
conditional. That will do the job for this site, because it's not much 
more than andrew's playground, but I'd hesitate to write a program that 
shonky for a commercial client.

Any advice would be great (and please, go to town on thepander's 
programming :-)


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