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andrew andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri Nov 17 17:06:16 CST 2000

Warden, Matt wrote:

> Check out:
> http://joel.editthispage.com/

Thanks! That looks like exactly what I'm after.

> In what language? A long elseif series isn't necessarily bad, as long as it's
> readable. In other words:
> if this then
>     doThat();
> elseif that then
>     doThis();
> elseif Dexter.isSleepingOnTheJob() then
>     Warden.wakeUp(Dexter);
> elseif iSac.isPlayingEverQuest() then
>     ...
> end if
> rather than:
> if this then
>     code code code...;
>     code code code...;

Err. I'm afraid the latter is more like what I was up to. Along with a 
whole whack of includes. I was worried about tying up the server parsing 
all that stuff each time -- now breaking it into sub-routines makes a 
lot of sense! Thanks again.

The modularization / loop stuff looks like my homework for the weekend. 
I'm peculiarly anal about technical hygiene in print / web design work I 
do -- and the horrendous mess my php scripts are in keeps me awake at 

> Looks like a cool idea. Where the hell did you come up with that?!?!

www.thepander.co.nz? This latest revision (with the green screen / 
command line stuff) happened because I'm sick of working on macintoshes, 
sick of point / rollover / click, and not so secretly lust after a very 
large and expensive solaris blade 1000. But I'm going way off topic, so:

<tip type="whitter">
We all know the 'just because you can doesn't mean you should' maxim; 
there's also the inverse statement: 'I built it wrong all by myself.' 
It's not just fun to compile and setup mysql/php/apache with no sysadmin 
experience on your home machine, or build a site with a language you've 
never used before -- it's also good for you. Think of those synapses, 


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