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Ashish india_design at yahoo.com
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Thanks John, Dan, Ron and James,
   I am evaluating the softwares, from what I read, either of them should
meet our needs. Geeting both of them and will evaluate them.
   But John, this part is not true, in India, there is a major difference
between the rate charged for a 64K line and a T1. I am talking in terms of
Thanks and regards,
Ashish Agarwal

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> 50 people on a 64K?!?!? No wonder you are slow, that bandwidth is being
> divided amongst ALL the people in the office. You are basically getting
> 1.7KPS per person. Once you go over 10-15 people accessing a line you need
> to step up to a fractional T1 to get any sort of decent speed.
> Over 35-40 a
> Full T1 is needed.

In most places outside the US, a 64k leased
line costs about the same amount of money
as you'd pay for a T1.

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