[thelist] apology

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Fri Nov 17 19:45:14 CST 2000


No problemo.. I noticed it after two of them got sent and figured it was
something like that.. I unsubscribed ya, just in case you're wondering,
so you'll have to re-sub.. good tip about suspending subscriptions!

it happens to everyone sometime, so don't worry about it :)

<tip type="log watching on unix">
If you like watching log files, and want the to update continously(sp?)
instead of having to type in the 'tail' command over and over again, use
the 'f' option with tail like so:

tail -f /var/log/messages

And watch it scroll :)


"Mike.Hodgson" wrote:
> Guys,
> Just back from my hols and to my horror, I find my IT dept put a vacation
> message on my email account, and as I didn't suspend my evolt subscription,
> you probably got loadsa messages letting you know I was sunning myself in
> warmer climes.  Many, many apologies.  You have no idea how ashamed I feel.

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