[thelist] FW: Liquid header problems

JTocher janice at discoverysystems.com
Sat Nov 18 15:03:27 CST 2000

Hello evolt...

I'm having 'fits' with a header I'm designing for a client site. After
reading the excellent article on evolt regarding liquid pages, I've designed
the pages to fit within the browser window when the window is wide and
condense to a minimum of 600 pixels when the window is narrow.

My problem is the header. I need each row to be independent of each other
with regards to centering. As the user makes the window narrower, the text
and images need to slide over to the left as far as possible and when making
the window wider, center in the browser window.

All works fine until the user makes the window narrow. Then, because each
table contains a different amount of data, scrolling to the right, shows my
tables as 'stairsteps' rather than flowing to the right window border as it

I've tried putting the entire header into its own table, but then the rows
don't slide to the left as they need to - they remain centered on the widest
portion - the top header.

You can see my work in progress at


tia for any insights!

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