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JTocher janice at discoverysystems.com
Sat Nov 18 15:04:15 CST 2000

Greetings evolt!
Per a suggestion from one of the webmonkeys, I would like to pose a couple
questions to the evolt gurus.

I am designing a site for a client and am running into a few er... issues.

Issue #1)

I am using several different color links on our pages and all seems to be
working ok when the <a href = #> but, when I add in an actual location, my
special defined link colors start giving unpredictable results!

For example, adding <a href="cm_3.asp" class="lhead"> takes away the color
but <a href="a1.asp" class="lhead"> does not.

Also links in my sub nav bar pick up the correct link color, but not the
correct hover or active colors.

What am I missing???

Issue #2)

How'd they do that? I'm looking at the cnn.com site and notice that they are
using a consistent right sidebar with text that updates based on the story
you are currently viewing...


How is that done??? I want to highlight words on the side and top nav bars
to indicate which level the viewer is viewing. The client does not want to
incorporate a database nor set cookies on the user's computer.

Issue #3)

This site uses 'includes' to include common header and footer to bunches of
pages. We designed the templates, the client is adding content. They are
using DreamWeaver and are complaining that they cannot see the 'styles'
while editing. From my understanding, linking the stylesheet to each
'include' file will load the stylesheet five times - once for the .asp page
and then once for each 'include' file. This would be unnecessary code and
take longer for the page to download.

Is there any way to have DreamWeaver (or any other wysiwyg authoring tool)
'virtually' reference at a stylesheet to display the classes without
actually 'linking' it?

You can see my dilemma at...


tia for any assistance!

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