[thelist] how'd they do that?

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Mon Nov 20 00:45:25 CST 2000

There is a series of articles that another webmaster wrote about this 
service.  Check it out.  Issues 117-122.


At 11:34 PM 11/19/00 , you wrote:

><tip>Or should I say warning?  Yahoo is now requiring that ALL commercial 
>must use their Business Express program to submit sites to "Business and
>Economy/Business to Business" or "Business and Economy/Shopping and Services."
>The Business Express program does not guarantee that your site will be listed,
>only that it will be reviewed in a expedited fashion, supposedly within seven
>business days.  Yahoo charges a nonrefundable fee of US$199.00 per site
>submitted, and US$600.00 for sites with adult content or services.</tip>

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