[thelist] urgent dreamweaver help needed

Lisa Bartholomew lisa at koolfish.com
Tue Nov 21 09:40:29 CST 2000

My clients site is finished and he is expecting it live in the morning.
I am having this weird problem with the ftp in dreamweaver. When I press the
connect button the program hangs and refuses to respond. The only way out is
by pressing control alt delete. I thought it may just be dreamweaver so I
tried connecting with various other sites they all work fine. It is only the
site I need desperately to be up that won't connect. I tried deleting the
folder from the define sites list and then redefining the site and all the
ftp information. The same thing happened. Any ideas as to what I can do to
fix it? I have never used any other ftp program before. Is my only option to
re-install dreamweaver again and lose all my preferences and ftp info. I had
to do this a about a month back because the ftp was rather temperamental.

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