[thelist] digital camera shopping

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Nov 22 16:26:35 CST 2000

I've been reading much about the Olympus D-360L --a CNET editor's choice,
btw-- looks like I might head in this direction. Aardie, I've seen the pics
from your bro (but I seem to have missed the discourse on choosing a
camera), so I think I'm sold. 

Found it for US$229, gonna go ask Santa if she wants to deliver it early =)

It still uses a serial cable to d/l pics, but a co-worker mentioned he
bought a 64MB memory card for his Nikon and it came with a USB cradle to d/l
direct from the card. Pretty slick... just spent an extra 45 seconds and
Olympus makes a solo SmartMedia-USB cradle accessory --US$57....

thanks kids--
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> From: aardvark [mailto:roselli at earthlink.net]
> i made), i ended up recommending the Olympus D340 R... i think 
> there is a newer model out...
> good color, clarity, brightness, etc... the software to get 
> it to your 
> PC can be wonky, and his wasn't y2k-friendly, but he downloaded 
> a patch... he didn't want USB, either, but i think they have USB 
> now...

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