[thelist] Anyone want a pint?

Tara Cleveland taracleveland at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 19:13:38 CST 2000

Hi all,

I'm flying from Toronto over to the other side of the pond on Sunday 
night/Monday morning for the Jakob Nielsen conference in London on Tuesday, 
Wednesday and Thursday. I'll be going to Manchester for the weekend though 
(gotta visit my grandma). I'd love to meet some of the Londoners or 
Mancunians on the list. Does anyone want to go for a pint sometime next 

You can email me off list taracleveland at hotmail.com (I'm on the digest).


<tip author="Tara Cleveland">
If you get a chance, go to an Adobe presentation on Photoshop 6. There's 
lots of tips and tricks that they tell you about that aren't in the manual. 
For instance (a rather inane example, actually), the original name for this 
release is "Venus in Furs" the band name of one of the Photoshop guys. You 
can find an Easter egg screen for it on a Mac by (I think) option clicking 
on the About Photoshop menu item or on the startup screen (I'm trying to 
remember from the presentation because I don't have PS6 yet). But really go 
to a presentation because they do tell you a whole bunch of useful things, I 
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