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Seb Barre sebastien at oven.com
Fri Nov 24 11:05:21 CST 2000

At 10:53 AM 11/24/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Uh, the first thing you should do is enter the year 2000.  Or do you just like
>living in the horse and buggy era?

I think that's an unfair comment.  SSI is still a very viable solution for 
many sites.  Not everyone has the time/money/expertise to set up a dynamic 
site, whether it be done with ASP/PHP/CFM or whatever else.

For a corporate site (of reasonable size) consisting mostly of static 
documents and information, SSI is a very elegant solution for maintaining 
consistent structure throughout the site and making site-wide changes with 
little effort.  It is also supported by any decent webserver and is usually 
available at no additional cost from hosting providers.  Throw in a couple 
of small off-the-shelf or custom CGIs for extra functionality (counters, 
form mailers, etc) and some PDF documents for offline reading of corporate 
documentation, and you've got a very efficient, low-cost and easily 
maintainable site, which is really the ultimate goal in most cases.

The mere existence of a technology is not an excuse to use it. =)  You have 
to examine your needs and choose the most appropriate solution, even if 
it's not the 'flavour of the month' one.

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