[thelist] slideshow not working on clients machine, can you test please.

J. Ross Dishner ross at designcc.com
Sun Nov 26 03:09:43 CST 2000

It works here on IE 4.5 and NN 4.7 Mac.

>Hi all,
>Can you check out this page for me as the client says it is not working. It
>is working perfectly on my machine and some of my friends machines but we
>are all based in Thailand. He says the photos don't come up. I think he must
>have javascript disabled or it is something to do with the connection in
>Singapore. I have asked him to check if his scripting is disabled.
>the page is www.housephuket.com
>go to the photographs section and click on the see photos image. It should
>produce a slideshow.
>Would there be any other issues that I don't know about that would cause it
>not to work. The client viewed it on his machine in Thailand and it worked.
>He then went to his office in Singapore and said it is not working and also
>a friend of his in Singapore said the same thing.

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