[thelist] international dates in CF

Rob Keniger rob at bigbang.net.au
Mon Nov 27 18:07:53 CST 2000

on 28/11/00 9:57 AM, Oliver Lineham at oliver at lineham.co.nz wrote:

> At 12:50 28/11/2000 +1300, you wrote:
>> as i need to pull the year, month, and day from this the datepart()
>> function would seem to be the natural choice, but here's the problem:
>> datepart() seems to assume the format YYYY-DD-MM (god knows why) unless MM >
>> 12
> i take it back, datepart() is working fine - but dateformat() is acting
> even wackier.

I believe you need to set the locale settings for the date (I think it's
SetLocale() or something like that, it's ages since I've done it)

You can then use LSParseDateTime() to interpret the time as it comes out of
the database.

Rob Keniger

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