[thelist] Time Zones and Locales in CF

John Pye john.pye at purplehouse.com
Tue Nov 28 09:34:45 CST 2000

Hi all

I've found a partial answer to my problem with the time zones. We restarted
the Cold Fusion (4.5) server (for an unrelated reason) and I found that the
time zone offset was reset to 0 when the server came up again. It still
thinks it's in the English(US) locale, but at least the clock is not giving
crazy results...

[[ is this something to do with Locales being a windows phenomenon which
doesn't translate to the Linux/Solaris ports of CF? ]]

> I have set my system clock to GMT. I want Cold Fusion to respect the
> of the system clock. So when my system clock reads 12:00 AM, I want
> TimeFormat(Now()) to give that same time, 12:00 AM.
> At the moment it doesn't do that. It automatically translates to GMT-5h,
> which I don't want it to do. I could hack a fix by changing ALL
> to LSTimeFormat -  but that would be kind of post-hoc, wouldn't it?

I'd be interested in knowing if any one finds a more satisfactory answer to


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