[thelist] old wired splash, how ?

Carleen Tracy carleen.tracy at b3interactive.com
Tue Nov 28 09:35:52 CST 2000

Wow Gerd, that's quite an image. I'm connected at a T1 rate and it took a
good 25 seconds to completely download. Not to mention the redraw every time
I resized the browser. Maybe I'm missing something but imagine what a 56k
connection would be like-ouch!!

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> I want to have a small image as a splash of my page. This image
> must occupy most of the screen. The gif is small (100x100 or so)
> and i want it to grow proportionally in size with the browser
> window. How do I do this ?

You'll find the scripts at www.dansteinman.com
An example is at www.jeckel.com. I still have to update
it for NN6, otherwise it seems to work ok.


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