[thelist] Looking for a syndication script

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 30 12:54:15 CST 2000

> From: "Shoshannah Forbes" <xslf at xslf.com>
> I am working on a new site that will offer tips on different topics. I want
> to be able let users choose a category, and then give them a code snippet to
> insert in there site, that will display random tips from that category.
> The site will be NT/ASP based.
> Anyone know where I can find a low cost or free script that does that?
> aspin.com doesn't have anything as far as I can tell.

while i can't point you to a tutorial or give you the (server side) 
code, Article Central does this with their 'tracker'... it's pretty keen...

you can read up on it at:

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