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Jacob Stetser icongarden at icongarden.com
Fri Dec 1 17:16:40 CST 2000

Last December, Arcadus (a company that has since become Renaissance Interactive and which I left today) finished its own web site, developed using all the experience and process we had. Being the lead HTML developer on that site, I know that it was a labour of love.

I submitted it as an example of Flash usability to Macromedia and my contact there wants to put it up on their new Flash usability article! :)

I didn't have much, except high-level 'this looks good,' and 'that might confuse people,' input into the Flash piece, but I think it's done really well.

I'd love to have a critique of it, even if the site is already old and the company consumed by another - what did we do right? What did we do wrong? :)


Jake Stetser

On Friday, December 1, 2000, at 07:32 AM, <martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com> wrote:

> Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers 
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> There's a new article at http://www.alistapart.com/ about 
> Accessible Flash - worth a look imo 
> Cheers 
> Martin 

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