[thelist] Critique request - http://www.sakusuurhall.ee/

Lauri Vain optima at hot.ee
Sat Dec 2 15:33:41 CST 2000


> first off, it takes forever to load... in NN it took almost a minute to
> load enough images to render the page... at least IE could render
> before it all download, but i still had to sit there... the images weigh
> in at 196k (not counting rollovers), which is about 172k fatter than
> what i target for a page...

Yikes! I have to do something about it and I have to do it quick.

> i'm sure you know it doesn't fit in a 640 window...

Actually I didn't, I got the project something Friday night and has to be ready
by Monday. Thanks for pointing that out.

> 'alt' attributes would be nice...

Yes, this is something I knew was missing. These will be added in the next

> i don't much dig that mouse/hand cursor on the animation on the
> front page... thought i misplaced my mouse for a moment...

I'll see what I can do about it.

> the buttons on the left don't tell me what section i'm currently in...

I'll tell it to the designer. Thanks

> http://www.interest.ee/suurhall/ehitus/ -- why on earth are the
> photos 400x300, but scaled via HTML to 100x75?  IE crapped out
> after only downloading 453k... you *have* to fix that...

Aaah, this is the 4th point what I have to fix. Haven't finished the coding yet.

> if i submit a blank form from
> http://www.interest.ee/suurhall/uudised/uudis_naita.php3?id=5, the
> page won't render in NN... but that's because the tables are not
> properly closed, so that error message needs to be fixed...

Started fixing that problem something like 20 mins ago. Damn it's a pain... The
site is spread all over the place. One part of the table is in one *.inc file,
the other part of the same table is in another *.inc.

> http://www.sakusuurhall.ee/kysitlus.html -- why a mailto?  it
> doesn't redraw the page after submit, it gives a nasty-sounding
> warning, and it's generally unreliable...

Fixed that, haven't uploaded yet.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. Well, now back to work - there's plenty
of it as I could read from your mail and by looking at the code itself.


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