[thelist] Browser Detect with JavaScript

Michael Collins mcollins206 at home.com
Mon Dec 4 10:57:28 CST 2000

At 8:32 AM +0000 12/4/00, Peter-Paul Koch wrote:
><P STYLE="display: none">Your web browser is not the latest and greatest.</P>

Yes, this does seem to be even the easiest answer of all for times 
when I just want to display a message. It seems to work upon a quick 
check but I need to check in on various browsers. Thanks!

>I wouldn't rely too much on the 4.08 detect, it might sneak in some 
>versions of 4.08 that are non-compatible (after all, the horrid 4.5 
>and 4.6 versions also used NN4.08 as their WWW browser).

Well, I am starting to find that with the resize problem (in which 
all styles are lost) Netscape 4.7 is useless for CSS, as I was told 
from the start. I have been given a JavaScript to workaround the 
issue but so far have not had success with it. So I may have to give 
up on CSS for this project depending on how bad the client wants to 
retain support for Netscape prior to version 6.

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