[thelist] Browser Detect with JavaScript

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 4 11:32:30 CST 2000

> From:  "Aylard JA (James)" <jaylard at equilon.com>
> 	Okay, I see where you're coming from, and why in some ways we seem
> to be in disagreement (but probably aren't really). I guess we're talking
> degradability versus capability. Some HTML 4-specific capabilities degrade

yep, that's a lot of it... it's a tough line...

> reasonably well in HTML 4-incapable browsers. But my understanding of the
> original post was, if a browser doesn't meet this standard (capable of HTML
> 4 and CSS 1), I want to tell visitors to my site that they will have an
> improved experience by upgrading their browsers. By the degradability
> standard, IE 3 could conceivably be included, but I think we'd both agree
> that would be a weak match.

yes, we would agree...

it all comes back to my sorta mantra... if it won't work for all users, 
is it worth building?  the answer comes from what it is you are 
trying to do...

if you're selling wrenches, it should work for all... if you're showing 
off photography, well, who cares as long as the artist is happy... or 

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