[thelist] Window Maximized

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Mon Dec 4 16:10:20 CST 2000

>  is the distinction you are making: 
>  popups = script, second window = manually opened?

hi james

no, i don't think "manually opened" is the right description -- i would 
reserve "manually open" to describe what the *site visitor* does when 
selecting File > New > Window (or Ctrl+N)

what i was referring to, and what i hope jamie was looking for, was what 
happens when you stick TARGET=foo into the <A HREF> tag

like, what you get on search engines when you click on "open this link in 
a new window"

this is also, come to think of it, the "evolt style" for links that are 
featured in evolt articles -- we want article authors to use TARGET=foo in 
their links, so that when site visitors open the second window, can read 
it, close it, they'll be back right where they left off in the evolt 

there are arguments pro and con about whether popups or second windows are 
desirable, but i think jamie was trying to avoid that...

anyhow, it looks like he's settling on using a popup and then resizing it, 
so now let's move on to nailing it to the top left corner

jamie, i think this is another one of those cross-browser situations (like 
the margin attributes on the BODY tag) where you have to specify it in 
both the javascript and jscript languages... 



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