[thelist] Window Maximized

Aylard JA (James) jaylard at equilon.com
Mon Dec 4 16:25:09 CST 2000


> what i was referring to, and what i hope jamie was looking for, was what 
> happens when you stick TARGET=foo into the <A HREF> tag

	Ah, okay, I see what you were saying. Using the target approach
would work, too, provided that you used both the window.moveTo() and the
window.resizeTo() methods to set your window the way you want it. And if
you're thinking of doing that, you might as well pop it using window.open(),
setting it the way you want from its inception without all of the post-natal
re-engineering of moveTo() and resizeTo().

>     top=0,left=0,screenx=0,screeny=0

	Yep <groan>. My IE-centric ways tripped me up on that one. Good

James Aylard

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