[thelist] .HTML extension

James Spahr jsp at designframe.com
Tue Dec 5 13:01:35 CST 2000

> Question:  (which I could probably find the answer to on the web, but I'm
> sick of looking at the Google logo for the time being) Does a HTML file need
> to have a .HTML extension before it's recognised by the browsers (and I mean
> all browsers)?  Will the tags <HTML> and </HTML> suffice?

assuming the file is coming from a web server, the mime/type needs to be
text/html. The browser doesn't care about the file extension, but usually
the web server will use the file extension to set the mime/type.

Of course, most web servers are very customizable - so you could make your
html files end in anything - as long as the mime type is set correctly.

make sense?


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