[thelist] Site Check, & help needed.

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Wed Dec 6 09:31:29 CST 2000

Stef, I did not find any major problems in either of the browsers I checked it
with (Mozilla M18 and MSIE 5.5). However, the third roll-over image on the
second page (soleil_couleur.gif) does not blend with the background. You can
clearly see the edges of the image. This is not consistent with the rest of the
images and does not look all that great anyway. Maybe you could tone down the
yellow "glow" effect so that it does not reach the edge of the image.

Everything else looks great.

btw - I'm running winnt 4.0

-- Bruce

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>          Hi guys ( & gals) Ok. It 2 am here, been having a go trying to
> finish up (80% done) this little project by friday.
> http://www.designtotus.com  ,it has a BIT of flash at the beginning
> (customer request) but I tried not to abuse considering it s a small
> e-commerce site.
>          I have yet to finish putting the product specs & pictures but the
> lay-out is pretty much . . . what makes my customer happy so far.
>          This is my first <not amateur> site & ALL CRITICS & BASHING will
> be taken. hehe :0). I have a few quirks I couldn t figure out to fix on the
> second page of the site, when you follow the link magasin en ligne , my
> table images are off one pixel in Explorer. Why ?! . I looked  & looked again.
> Ok, second thing on that page . . . I would like to know a
> mouseoverfunction to handle the image swap when the client passes over the
> text link, the corresponding image just above is swapped. The image already
> is a roll-over in Dream-Weaver.
> ok. 2 tips, I owe.
> <tip  type="web grammar"> Hey. I'm french, but. . . I just read this & I
> thought I'd share it with you.
>      Don't Use Apostrophes for Plurals. Use an apostrophe for a plural as a
> last resort. If you buy ten
>     CDs, isn't that better than buying ten CD's or ten C.D.'s? Use an
> apostrophe only if the abbreviation
>     requires periods, or in the case of single lower-case letters like x's
> and y's, or if leaving it out would     be plainly confusing.
> </tip>
> <tip  type="site usability">
> The organization of information within websites is vital to its overall
> usefulness.
>   In fact, a study by Morkes and Nielsen found that their experimental
> website "scored 58% higher in measured usability when it was written
> concisely, 47% higher when the text was scannable, and 27% higher when it
> was written in an objective style instead of the promotional style used in
> the control condition and many current web pages" (p. 1). That is, viewers
> tend not to spend too much time on a particular page. Instead they usually
> scan for information that is of direct interest to them. It is therefore
> recommended that the text within websites be very succinct, with only one
> key idea per paragraph, as well as use highlighted keyword or phrases and
> bulleted lists (Morkes & Nielsen, 1997)
> </tip>
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