[thelist] CSS, Forms, IE/Netscape

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Fri Dec 8 10:51:40 CST 2000

Hi Aardvark,

The radio button explanation I think Iget, but the text inputs I'm not sure how
to do. For the radio button (all stylesheets are external) I have:

INPUT.radio { background-color : #FFFFFF; }

Then just apply <INPUT CLASS="radio"..., right?

But the below I am confused on..could you expand on that a little more?

|specify the size attribute in the input tag as the size that makes
|one of them correct (for IE, most likely) and the other a bit short
|(for NN, perhaps)... then apply an inline size style using pixels, or
|use a stylesheet with a class attribute...

For example, from the above sentence, it seems like you are saying to put two
sizes in the input tag, "one correct and one short"..? Then what would the
attribute be for the class?


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