[thelist] filling in email content...

JTocher janice at discoverysystems.com
Fri Dec 8 14:11:30 CST 2000

Hello Evolt...

Regarding 'submitting' form info...

I am using Liz' suggestion for launching the mail client to submit form

Question now is how to fill in the body of the email! I have defined
variables at the top of my page...

var name = window.document.contact_info.name.value;
var phone = window.document.contact_info.phone.value;


how do I put these values into the body of my message? AND, how do I add
line breaks? I tried \n to no avail...

<a href="mailto:whoever at wherever.net?subject=Information Request?body=Name:
'name'\nPhone:'phone'\nComments:" > click to submit</a>

again, thanks in advance!


btw - I realize these may be VERY basic questions for many of you - before
resorting to the list, I DO search for other answer sources and reference
materials. So, if you point my nose in the right direction, I can ususally
piece together the required code...

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