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Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sat Dec 9 13:20:14 CST 2000

>I'm wanting to find excellent web design education
>via the Internet or long distance,  (html, javascript, style sheets,
>information architecture, site design, xtml, for starters)

for starters?


If you want an online guided course in a variety of web design 
technologies there's Macromedia University. I haven't tried it myself 
(has anyone?) But for about $400 for the Web Design track, you can 
choose courses in everything from XML to Cold Fusion to SQL to 
everything else you mentioned.  And of course all  the Macromedia web 

You have to provide your own software, of course.  I'm told that if 
you pass tests, certification (at least in Macromedia products) is 


If you decide to go this route, let us know (via a tip or whatever) 
how it works out!


>am hoping some of you know where to go, or where to
>start looking. I know there are plenty of tutorials out there,
>and have availed myself of  a few, but am looking for
>coursework guided by really sharp professionals.
>Possible to find?  Hoping so!
>sjstrahl at sedona.net
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