[thelist] Photoshop tip

Kevin Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Sun Dec 10 06:11:52 CST 2000

Bit of a weird one this cos I don't actually own Photoshop but a friend
called me at work to see if I had any advice about a problem he was having.
What he had to do was design an advert for a listings magazine that was to
be printed in black only. He'd done the work & saved it as a greyscale but
when he printed it out on 2 different printers the results were quite
different. They had had this problem before on a similar job and were
unhappy with the finished printed job so, knowing I am a printer, he decided
to see if I could help. I phoned our typesetters who informed me that the
job should be saved as greyscale, but to see an accurate laser printed copy
send the file to the desktop printer as a halftone (a halftone is a screen
applied to photographs to enable them to be printed in one colour but giving
the appearence of shades of grey).
I know this is not really internet related, but a lot of you use Photoshop &
might find this useful if you have to do print work for any of your clients.
Apparently this advice was a great hit in my friends office because it
solved a problem they had been having for ages. I also haven't enclosed it
in <tip> tags because it's a bit vague since I was only passing information
from one person to another.


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