[thelist] Hier Menus Page Scrolling

Ashish india_design at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 11 08:11:03 CST 2000

   We have got stuck in a difficult situation. For a particular client, we
inherited some pre-existing code which has a Hier Menu similar to what was
been given by http://www.webreference.com/dhtml ( u know the one where the
menu is in the left bar and mouse-over on an option displays a child-menu to
the immediate right). The problem is that in some cases, the number of
options that come in the child is more than the height of the screen (these
values for the options are being fetched from a database), hence values at
the bottom of the child-menu are not displayed.
    We are not able to get a solution (thought of whether the child-menu
could have a scrollbar, but that did not seem feasible). Has someone faced
this problem and come with any solution for this ? Time is a problem,
otherwise we would have suggested chaging the navigation method. We may have
to do that ultimately in the end, but got a delivery in 2 days, and a rework
would cause immediate implementation of Murphy's Law. Any suggestions / code
would be welcomed with immense thanks.

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