[thelist] The big switcheroo...

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Mon Dec 11 17:54:50 CST 2000

Congrats - I got out of the web agency business before it got out of 
me. Some people may remember me posting looking for leads a while 
back. Well, I decided to search on Headhunter.net for jobs. Lo and 
behold. I found one... with Headhunter! :)

It's a different set of challenges. Instead of making sites for a lot 
of clients, I'll be trying to make one site the best it can be. 
Here's hoping I can help that happen.

<tip type="think simply">
Recently I was working to reproduce an HTML illusion I'd previously 
created, and couldn't remember how I'd done it. My first several 
attempts either didn't work period, didn't work in Netscape or didn't 
scale gracefully.

Turns out I was thinking with too much complexity. Remember that the 
simplest way to achieve a goal is often also the best.

I like simplicity.
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