[thelist] Considering Redesign

Bob Davis bobd at lists.evolt.org
Tue Dec 12 12:50:31 CST 2000

on 12/12/00 1:34 PM, Katherine Spice at k.spice at acu.ac.uk wrote:

>>> I'm considering doing some redesign on my personal site, and was wondering
>>> if anyone had any ideas on how to improve what I currently have at:
>>> http://www.michaelbuffington.com
> It's a nice design - I like the colors + the background graphic, however
> I'm using NN on Linux, and something you've set in you .css file has
> f**ked the fonts in a big way - I can't read the text. Can send you a
> screen shot offlist if you like - let me know.

Same thing on a Macintosh.

Your style definition for font-sizes (8pt) is too small for Mac and *nix.
I'm sure it looks good on Win though. In general, anything smaller than 10pt
won't be readable on a Mac.

This could start another huge discussion about why font sizing is such a
bear, but suffice it to say that pixels are the only measure that works
reliably across platforms.

You seem to have a browser detection script (your style sheet references IE,
so I'm assuming it's there), so you could add something to that to deliver a
different style to Mac and *nix clients.  That'll be more reliable, and, if
you use points, client side font resizing (if it's built into the browser)
will still  work (IE5, Mac works with pixels, Win doesn't...go figure.).



bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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