[thelist] Hosting at shanje.com

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Dec 12 18:55:11 CST 2000

> We are considering hosting some news sites at http://www.shanje.com
> Anyone here work with them?
> Pros? Cons?

I host about 20 small sites with them because CF is expensive to host
anywhere else. I have not tried their ASP or iHTML capability, only CF. Nor
have I tried their advanced account with the SQL Server gear.

Speed can be decent, or not-at-all decent; mostly adequate though. Support
is a mixed bag also - sometimes Shiloh will reply to an email, sometimes he
won't. You distinctly get the impression from responses that they don't have
any time to clarify things with you. Responses are not signed, unfriendly,

Last week, CF-capabilities were fucked for at least 6 hours, and every one
of our CF sites was throwing a big error. That sucked, and there was no
explanation email from Shanje... They have informed customers of the last
one or two planned outages the day before they occurred. But there have been
other dodgy occurrences which have had no warning or follow up explanation.

Both myself and a friend have had experience with oddly-timed back-up
restores by them deleting files we've uploaded, etc. I've only noticed that
happen during about a 2 or 3 day period last week.

Sounds pretty horrible (and it is), but I'd still recommend them for hosting
personal/experimental sites and budget clients who understand the compromise
(performance vs price) in hosting that they're making.

CF-wise, they disable CFDIRECTORY and probably a few others, but not CFFILE.
AFAIK, they're now running CF4.5. I don't use many advanced CF-capabilities,
so I can't speak for their support on that issue.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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